Total tax cost… number of payments… compliance burden. How does your economy compare to others around the world?

Put our latest comparative Paying Taxes report to work for you. Explore our powerful interactive data modeller and watch the data unfurl on business tax systems across 189 global economies.


Select an economy to see the sub-indicator results for it. And scroll down to see the comparative charts in the modeller for it.

Geographic region:
Economic region:



Ease of paying taxes:


Select each tab to see the comparative charts (for economy versus geographic region versus economic region).


Economic region
Geographic region
Profit Tax Total Tax RateLabour Tax Total Tax RateOther Taxes Total Tax RateMacedonia,FYRMontenegroBulgariaAlbaniaSloveniaWorldMaltaRomaniaSlovakRepublicAustriaItaly0%20%40%60%80%Source: PwC Paying Taxes 2015 analysis

Potete sbizzarrirvi a comparare la gran parte dei sistemi fiscali mondiali dal link:

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